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Boxing Class

Hour long beginner classes designed to transform our clienteles mind body and soul. From boxing drills to meditation, every single one of our classes is different, however, we remain consistent in our results. Every client leaves our club with a smile on their face and sweat dripping down their back.

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Touch Spar

Sparring for beginners hosted every Tuesday night! An energetic and experimental environment to start your boxing journey one touch at a time.

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Women's Class

An instructional beginners class for strong minded women ready to dominate this year with a couple of punches. 

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Head Instructor

Oneal Mendoza, former kickboxing welterweight champion and father of two, has worked with kids his entire career. He seeks passion in helping youth find an outlet outside their day to day environment through physical activity. Oneal Mendoza is a continuous member of BC Boxing and a lifelong member of the World Self Defense Association.

Mendoza’s affiliation with non-profit organizations and their experience with helping various children in various circumstances trademarks them as an elite training organization embedded in the principle of respect for oneself and their sport.


Master Shishir

Career Highlights (Arts)

  • Featured on Blackbelt magazine
    Awarded "Datu" and Grandmaster in Modern Arnis
    2005 - awarded Grandmaster and Instructor of the year by WHFSC
    Founder of BMST (Body, Mind, Spirit Training System)
    Became "Michaelangelo" in the Ninja Turtles movies and TV series
    President and Co-founder of Arnis Kali Maharlika-inocalla System
    Vice president of Iarnis official body of arnis national sports and martial arts accredited by Philippine Olympic Committee and Philippine Sports Commision
    Arnis Wellness Coach for Disney Celebration Fitness

Career Highlights (Golf)

  • Worked with golf legend David Leadbetter of David Leadbetter Golf Academy
  • Currently coaches at Zone Golf Academy in Richmond, BC


BMST, FMA, MMA, ChiGolf, Arnis Maharlika Kali, Arnis kali blade (Blad) defence, Maha Yoga, Orasyon quite mind meditation, Hilot Natural Healing, Sinawali kickboxing, Arnis Kali Blad defence, Maharlika culture